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The Lowcountry Hedgehog Society, a hobby and rescue organization based in Charleston, South Carolina, is pleased to present Hedgies.com, an online resource for hedgehog enthusiasts – whether you are just learning about these unique animals or are an experienced hobbyist wanting to share information about your favorite pet.

Learn more about your pet

With any new pet comes a host of responsibilities. Before bringing a hedgehog home, there are a variety of issues that need to be addressed, including housing, diet, health care, and more. Not sure where to start? Try our guide to hedgehog care and explore some of the other useful sites on the web.

Hedgehog Quirks and Characteristics

These very special animals have their own special charm. From their unusual appearance to self-annointing, hedgehogs are definitely in a class by themselves. Discover the reasons for the seeming oddities and find that hedgehogs are remarkably well-adapted for their environment and largely unchanged after millions of years.

Hedgehogs need health care, too

From mites and dry skin to wobbles or unplanned litters, hedgehog health care can be daunting without the proper resources. We pull the best of the net together for you and give some simple, at-home care for the lesser problems like toenail trimming, bathing, and more.
Planning for emergencies

Lowcountry Hedgehog Society members are constantly reminded of the need for emergency preparedness during hurricane season. Even if you do not live along the coast, emergencies can arise. Learn how to be prepared and keep your pet safe during times of trial.

Providing the proper home, diet, and toys for your pet is made significantly easier by the wealth of sites on the web that sell hedgehog-related products. We guide you through a shopping list to help you find the best products from the best vendors.

The proliferation of e-mail lists has made it easy for you to stay in touch with other hedgehog hobbyists or even expert breeders. These groups allow you to share funny stories, ideas for housing and playtime, medical information, and more.